Community and Support

We welcome new participants and make it easy for them to try these outdoor activities and we encourage a sense of community, sharing and mentoring across a range of backgrounds.  We also support the rich history and traditions of wade fishing and wildfowling.  Most importantly, our community is inclusive and welcomes everyone across the country.


Successful wade fishing and wildfowl hunting depend on knowledge, and often require information that is hard to find or is held in confidence by others.  We will share that information within our community through several forums - this website, a printed publication (The Wading Journal), membership events, and the Heron Project.

Wading Sports™

If you're looking for information on where to go and how to learn about wade fishing, wildfowl hunting and other shallow water activities, visit the Wading Sports™ information forum.

Heron Project™

We conduct events, classes, seminars, group meetings and activities involving wade fishing and wildfowl hunting.  We will have a significant online presence including videos, groups, and forums.  We are involved in the outdoor community and will drive local public fishing opportunities and fund stocking programs.

Coming Soon: Heron's Roost - Community, Coffee and Gear