Wade Fishing and Wildfowl Hunting

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Wade fishing and wildfowl hunting - fish and game pursuit activities that involve water and wading - are outdoor activities with strong history and tradition.  We want to help make these activities more accessible, affordable, and authentic, for both new and returning participants, and build a strong community around these experiences.

The wading element is critical and it makes wade fishing and wildfowl hunting different from hiking, canoeing, etc.  Our emphasis is on fishing and bird hunting, versus mammal hunting.  The experience is more important than the "harvest."  Fishing can be catch-and-release and bird hunting can be done with a camera.  Wildfowl hunting is generally best when wade fishing is poor or not an option, creating year-round opportunities. Key aspects of these wading activities are:

Other Shallow Water Activities

Our focus is on activities in or close to shallow water.  And there are a lot of options beyond traditional wade fishing and wildfowl hunting.  Here are some examples:

Trotline Setting

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Crawfish Catching

Minnow Seining

Bow Fishing

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Bird Watching

Gold Panning

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Seining and Cast Net Throwing

If you (or your kids) haven't tried some of these, you should!