Welcome to a community embracing interaction with nature through wading activities.  We'll help you do it, we'll keep it authentic, and we won't let it get too complicated, specialized or expensive.  We'll help make sure the special places where we wade stay accessible and natural.

Our Mission

  • To create a community to encourage and support new or returning participants to wade fishing and wildfowl hunting
  • To make it easy and affordable to learn and enjoy wade fishing and wildfowl hunting
  • To share our common experiences
  • To conserve stream, wetland and other shallow-water ecosystems and the birds and fish that depend on them
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The Great Blue Heron Icon

The great blue heron is the American wading bird who hunts, fishes, and coexists in the water alongside us.  This majestic, deliberate bird is our community's icon, representing our focus on wading, patience, and conservation of our natural water resources.

Authentic Experiences

We are not passengers on an expedition managed by someone else.  Our experiences are authentic - they are ours and the results are our own (although we are less driven by the results than the experience).  We help people learn how to participate in these activities on their own.

Nature Engagement

Our activities take place in wild, natural places surrounded by water and generally away from crowds.  But we don't just want to be visitors - we strive for a deeper engagement with nature.

Patience and Focus

Like the great blue heron, wade fishing and wildfowl hunting require patience and focus.  These two things are strikingly absent from many of our lives.  We want to share the benefits of patience and focus with new participants and future generations.

Simplicity and Convenience

Our focus is on activities that do not require boats, motors, or mechanical and electronic devices.  While these might be useful, they are optional.  Simplicity creates the opportunity for spontaneous activities with less extensive preparation and less required storage space.  The experiences we seek are not satisfied by shopping for more gear.

Connection and Companionship

The activities we support offer special opportunities to be part of nature.  You may be alone with your thoughts or with close compansions - spouses, family, friends, or dogs.